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What makes a great health care organization great? A superb patient experience? A passion for innovation? A dedication to quality? A culture of accountability?

The simple answer is: all of the above. All of these elements contribute to a great patient experience, and all of them rely on one component of your organization: your people.

Great health care organizations have great people finding the doctors, nurses, care givers, and specialists who keep your organization running smoothly—the people on the front lines of talent management.

That’s right. Great health care organizations devote significant resources to talent management. Why?
growing sources of hiring talent, trailing just behind online job boards and company websites.

Because the people they attract, motivate, manage, and develop are —by far —the single biggest driver of your organization’s success.

And that’s what our People Manifesto is all about.

Whether you call them your Human Resources team or your Human Capital Management team, they’re the team who are making a difference across your entire organization.

Getting it right takes its own set of talents—and we’ve identified a few critical competencies that talent management teams working in health care share.

1. Look back to look forward
Great talent management professionals understand that past performance is a predictor of future success.

2. Leave the guesswork to the amateurs
High-performing talent management professionals pursue a strategy informed by data and analytics—and use that data to decide how to move forward.

3. Plan for the talent you’ll need tomorrow—not just today
Talent management professionals at the top of their game don’t wait for the talent to come to them—they’ve learned how to grow their own candidate pools, especially for critical, hard-to-fill roles.

4. Be nimble
Finally, great talent management teams are using technology to identify potential candidates, cultivate relationships, and onboard that talent quickly — because “patient superstars” aren’t interested in an organization that wastes their time.

We believe great people create great outcomes. Read more in our People Manifesto. And then share it across your organization. It could change how you see the future of health care.

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