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Our Approach

We are obsessed with how smart technology and the science of human behavior can transform burdensome processes into streamlined, automated business practices that deliver reliable, data-driven insights.

In 2001, we pioneered a data-driven approach to job references that has been scientifically proven to predict success. We’ve also helped our customers leverage those connections with references to build new pools of talent for their future recruiting efforts. Given our deep experience serving healthcare we launched the first ever digital credentialing engagement solution to speed the onboarding of healthcare practitioners through digital peer referencing. More recently we’ve expanded our footprint in higher education to leverage our extensive behavioral research and data to help college students assess their level of workforce preparedness before they graduate.

With each innovation, we have remained committed to what put us on top –applying the science of human behavior in innovative ways to deliver reliable and deep insights.

HRTechOutlook Award

Exceptional Support

Gain access to a team of experienced industry experts and behavioral scientists who are obsessed with helping companies improve their talent processes. Check out our published, peer-reviewed scientific research and patented technology.

Continuous innovation

We’re are always exploring ways to help our customers improve their hiring through close collaboration. Read some of our customer success stories.

Cloud-based, mobile first software

No big upfront investments, extensive software upgrades. You can get started fast, and access our solutions anytime, anywhere. And job candidates, references and other 3rd parties gain these benefits as well, getting you the information you need quickly. Multi-layered cloud security means your data is safe and secure. And we integrate easily with leading ATS, CRM and Credentialing providers.

Bias-free and accessible for job candidates

We’ve made sure our solutions treat all job candidates the same and we rigorously validate reference feedback ratings to ensure they do not show bias toward any protected classes. We’re also committed to designing our software in conformance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 to reduce barriers for job candidates and employers everywhere. Read about our progress and Accessibility Statement.