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  • ico_blue_calendarEliminate bottlenecks and receive completed peer reference responses in 3 days
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  • ico_blue_talent-poolOnboard privileged providers faster
  • ico_blue_online_messageProvide a simple and smooth peer reference experience
  • ico_blue_bottom-lineSave time and money while boosting your bottom line

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Jon Pangia, DO, FACEP

Director of Emergency Medicine, Grand Strand Medical Center

“Enabling me to complete and sign this form online has allowed me to provide accurate but nearly immediate response to your credentials reference despite not being near a scanner, printer, or fax machine. Thank you for using the available technology to make this part of my job so much easier.”

Kathleen Barrack

Human Resources, Signature Healthcare

“We are able to get our practitioners on-board more quickly and the applicants have experienced more streamlined hiring through our organization. Getting our new hires up and running as quickly as possible helps us maintain the level of service that our patients have come to expect.”

Terry Bragg

Director of Professional Staff Affairs, McLean Hospital

“We used to count on credentialing taking at least two months, and our staff felt like they spent all of their time sending applications and verification forms. The technology is amazing. It frees our staff from paperwork, and the feedback from the clinicians is even better.”

Your data is safe

Your privacy is our top concern. We will only receive the minimum personal information required to help you hire, and we secure sensitive information with industry standard protocols and technology.

SkillSurvey does not provide or sell your information to third parties and will not disclose or use your personally identifiable information except in cases outlined in our Privacy Policy, including:

  • Provide customer support in successfully completing the SkillSurvey reference checking process
  • Perform statistical analyses of user behavior and characteristics
  • Measure traffic and traffic trends at this site
  • Support the products and services provided by SkillSurvey
  • Monitor compliance with applicable laws

Read the full policy here


How is SkillSurvey Credential OnDemand different than the credentialing system(s) I currently use?

Credential OnDemand® is uniquely designed to help solve many of the most painful and delay-inducing steps in the credentialing process. While credentialing databases provide a data repository for provider information, the Credential OnDemand solution provides a system of engagement that compliments your database to provide improved experiences for applicants, references, and specialists that leads to improved response times and decreased time to credential. Our solution is a fully automated, online web enabled engagement solution that allows those involved in the peer referencing process to respond immediately online without the need to print, complete and sign by hand, then scan, fax, or mail peer references back to you. Our solution provides a simple and smooth experience for references, and streamlines the work that used to be manually completed by MSP’s with automated reminders and flag notifications, as well as, an easy-to-understand representation of the status of each response. In addition to providing digital peer referencing, we can also support your facility with hospital affiliations, DOPs, applications and managing the entire credentialing approval and review process. Credential OnDemand® works alongside your credentialing database and greatly improves the efficiency of your current process.

Can we use our existing questionnaires and privilege delineation forms?

Yes. Credential OnDemand is designed to work alongside your existing system. Credential OnDemand takes your existing forms and delineation of privileges and creates online, automated versions with your corporate logo. You have the opportunity with Credential OnDemand to enhance your form with automated tools such as electronic signing capability through embedded DocuSign as well as the ability to build logic in your forms such as marking fields required and creating red flag alerts based on responses provided.

How long does this take to get this up and running and what resources are required?

Credential OnDemand was designed intentionally to minimize any effort required by you to get up and running. The process begins with an introductory call with a SkillSurvey implementation specialist. We will ask you for a few basic pieces of information and be sure that we understand all of the dynamics of your forms while making best practice suggestions that we’ve seen work for other facilities. From there, we simply ask that you review and approve the final set of forms and provide us some basic information to assist with your configuration. Next, we are ready to get your end users trained and immediately started using Credential OnDemand. The whole process typically takes four to six weeks with only a few hours of your time needed for training and setup. Training on how to use the system typically only takes an hour or two.