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SkillSurvey’s Findings Can Help Retailers Improve Their Hiring This Holiday Season – And Beyond

Berwyn, PA – October 23, 2017 – SkillSurvey, the provider of cloud-based solutions that help organizations hire with faster, more reliable insights, today released research identifying top work behaviors that could be improved for warehouse workers, customer service and online sales candidates based on direct feedback from thousands of job references. These insights can assist hiring managers in making better quality hires this holiday season, boosting the bottom-line of the business.

“As online sales are becoming increasingly important for business success, it’s critical to consider whether job candidates will be able to adjust to business needs and communicate effectively and efficiently in a way that solves problems and fosters new business.” said Ray Bixler, President and CEO of SkillSurvey “With the explosion of e-commerce, retailers are under pressure to fill positions not only in traditional customer service and sales roles but also in warehouse order fulfillment roles to survive this holiday season.”

Analyzing a sample of reference feedback for 8,000 candidates, SkillSurvey’s Analytics Team found references rated the following job-specific behaviors lower than average for those applying for positions in warehouses as well as customer service and sales.

Five Common Areas for Improvement for Warehouse Workers

  1. Getting approval from supervisors when needed on questions or changes
  2. Multi-tasking when needed to meet deadlines
  3. Making decisions and solving problems
  4. Performing consistently to meet or exceed job requirements
  5. Maintaining warehouse equipment

The ratings for these skills are supported by some of the verbatim comments submitted by references for “areas where candidates can improve.” For example, comments included: “Ask for help when needed” and “Continue to learn new methods to make work more efficient.” and “Prioritize duties more efficiently; Management of time more efficiently.”

Five Common Areas for Improvement for Customer Service and Online Sales Candidates:

  1. Being open to feedback to improve performance
  2. Communicating with customers to tailor recommendations of products and services
  3. Learning and maintaining knowledge of company products and services
  4. Encouraging customers to buy new products or services and offering new options
  5. Properly documenting customer interactions and transactions

A sample of verbatim comments references provided that relate to some of these areas include “Do more to encourage customers to upgrade or buy new products” and “Addressing the customer’s need was always top priority, but upselling was not. Further introduction of more products to the customer could be an area for improvement.”

“Making the right hiring decisions this time of year is critical for any retailer looking to increase sales and support product fulfillment. Knowing what qualities to look for in candidates can put companies ahead of the curve, especially in the demanding retail market,” continued Bixler. “If companies are serious about improving their customer experience and the efficiency of their warehouse operations, then they should be utilizing structured reference checks with job-specific surveys that make it easy to identify a candidate’s strengths and areas for improvement. Using references as a hiring tool this holiday season will provide companies with valuable insight into their potential employees.”

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