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SkillSurvey SourceTM, our talent sourcing solution that works hand in hand with SkillSurvey ReferenceTM to help build your candidate pipeline though references and referrals and boost your talent brand, has added a bunch of new features this month to improve user experience and make it easier for you to communicate with your pool of passive candidates.

“We all know finding new sources for candidates is the most effective way to find and hire top talent,” says Alicia Moran, senior director of product development for SkillSurvey. “The features we’ve just released make it easier for our customers to engage and nurture passive candidates with even more great enhancements to come later this year.”

Included in the April 2018 SkillSurvey Source release:

  • You can now set up Source Only users within your account
  • We’ve added more interval options for automated passive candidate emails within the system
  • Personalize emails with new email merge fields to refer to original candidate when contacting passive candidates who opted-in as a reference
  • New field to capture passive candidate mobile phone number (great for texting!)
  • Ability to show all passive candidates in one search, removing the date range restriction
  • Manage recipients in the CC field when sending an email to a potential candidate
  • New mass action to allow a Recruiter to mark multiple passive candidates as engaged by that Recruiter

Alicia continued, “Our customers have been very successful using SkillSurvey Source to build a talent pipeline of warm leads from references and referrals – all people who have the skillsets they need and who have actively said ‘yes – I’m interested in opportunities with your company.’ We are always looking for ways to improve and build this great way of building your talent pipeline.”

If you’re a customer and want to learn more about these new features, or if you’re interested in learning more about how to add SkillSurvey Source to your reference process, contact your Client Relations Director today!

You can also see how SkillSurvey Source works in this video.

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