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Gain intelligence to improve hiring, engagement and retention with an automated employee feedback collection solution

SkillSurvey Post-HireTM provides the insight you need to keep the people who make your organization great. Gather ongoing employee and supervisor feedback to develop an exceptional hiring process, build epic onboarding programs, retain your star performers, and create more engaging experiences for every employee.

Make every hire a successful one with SkillSurvey Post-Hire.

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automate feedback

Gain comprehensive insights with automated employee feedback software.

Gain candid employee feedback across the employee experience to understand where and how improvements need to be made.

Retain your best performers.

Better understand what motivates and challenges employees—especially those who have recently joined your organization.

retain employees
employee engagement

Build more engaging employee experiences.

Identify opportunities to engage employees before they decide to move on. Our employee feedback collection software has surveys for candidate experience, onboarding, and ongoing engagement.

Discover root causes of turnover.

Rely on rich analytics, with a cloud-based solution for candidate employee feedback collection that helps you solve the root causes of turnover and improve retention.

cause of turnover

Measure each critical stage of the employee lifecycle

Our automated employee feedback software can help you use pre-hire and post-hire data points to make smarter hiring decisions and drive confidence in your most valuable investments— your people.

SkillSurvey Post-Hire

Gain a more holistic view of your talent management efforts.

Consolidate recruiting, onboarding, engagement and exit interview data in a single platform. Insights driven by SkillSurvey Reference and SkillSurvey Post-HireTM can help you generate a predictive model to determine who is the right fit for your organization, what motivates them, what keeps them engaged and what you can do to better retain them.

Talent Management Efforts

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Hire smarter with more insightful reference checking

SkillSurvey Post-HireTM works hand in hand with SkillSurvey Reference®, the cloud-based, mobile solution that connects you to more references and gives you meaningful, predictive insights on a candidate’s past performance.


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