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Everybody texts. And now you can text when reference checking.

Turn on texting in SkillSurvey Reference® and make smoother, faster connections with your job candidates and their references.
Texting with Reference

Connect easily with hard-to-reach candidates

Job candidates for non-office roles aren’t typically checking their email every minute. Now you can reach them and their references wherever they are and, research shows most texts are read within 5 minutes.

Recruit on a personal level in the way that candidates expect

Individuals ages 18-44 favor texting compared to other methods of communication.

Promote more communication with references

Because candidates confirm their references’ contact method, it means makes their references ready to receive the reference request.

Boost your hiring brand and image

Show that your organization is innovative and uses new technologies.

How texting for reference checks works:

When the recruiter creates a new job candidate in SkillSurvey Reference, communications can be set for email or text messages.

After picking the job-specific survey, the reference checking process is underway in two minutes or less.

The candidate is sent two texts to opt-in and enter references.

Once the candidate agrees to participate via text, a second text sends a link to enter references – which can easily be done from a mobile device. If a candidate opts-out, the recruiter can resend a request by email.

The candidate enters their references.

The candidate enters their references and whether each reference wants to be reached by text or email. It typically takes five minutes or less.

The job references are texted to opt-in and use a link to complete a survey.

The candidate’s job references receive two texts (just like the candidate) so they can opt for email instead. Their second text includes a link to provide their feedback through a job-related survey easily completed in 10 minutes or so through any computer or device.

A detailed feedback report is available in just over a day.

Recruiters are notified by email and can see progress on their dashboard once surveys are completed so a consolidated feedback report is ready to finalize or share with hiring managers – typically in under two business days.

“The texting feature that SkillSurvey offers to their clients is a great additional option for our candidates and their references who are always on the go!”
Christine M. Donovan

Staffing Solutions Coordinator, Nursing , Main Line Health