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In a recent blog post from HR Software Insight, Chief Analytics Officer, Cynthia Hedricks, discusses some of the data trends our research team found through its groundbreaking study of verbatim comments provided by references for healthcare job candidates. It is a question all job seeking individuals have probably wondered from one time to another. “What are my references saying about me?”

Hedricks gave a list of the most popular themes entered into the text box area that asks references to share a candidate’s strengths and areas of improvement as part of the confidential Pre-Hire 360® reference assessment.

Top areas of strength were conscientiousness, being team focused, caring for others, professionalism and problem solving.

Conscientiousness was mentioned even more often as an area of improvement along with communication, multi-tasking, time management and self-care.

Advice for job-seekers?

“You can set yourself apart if your references can speak clearly about your conscientiousness, ability to communicate effectively, problem solving, and other areas that are important for success in the workplace.”

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