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Encompass Health


Hiring strong performers to deliver improved patient outcomes

The Goal

Encompass Health is our kind of hero. Their rehabilitation professionals make a real difference in the quality of peoples’ lives. It takes a special kind of person to deliver patient outcomes that are among the best in the industry.

The Challenge

Encompass Health already has more than 24,000 employees in over 100 hospitals in the US and Puerto Rico; and they’re in a growth mode. As you can imagine, their hiring never stops. Finding strong performers who will stay longer leads to patients continuously receiving a high quality of care.

“The information on the SkillSurvey Reference report is directly related to better retention and stronger performance of new hires.”

William Poynter

Former Director of Talent Acquisition, Current Vice President of Aviation, Encompass Health

How We Helped

With so many recruiters managing so many candidates, it was hard to make sure everyone consistently followed the same processes. Encompass Health was looking into applicant tracking systems (ATS) at the same time it was evaluating SkillSurvey Reference. But complex applicant tracking systems can take a long time to implement. So Encompass Health decided to move quickly and strategically, going live first with SkillSurvey Reference and our Pre-Hire 360 reference process, which includes ratings of job competence from those who have worked with the job candidate in the past. The results were quick and eye-opening. Encompass Health recruiters reduced their time spent on reference checking by 92 percent, saving 422 work weeks.

Even more impressive: Encompass Health’s rock star recruiters are finding the best people to deliver top-notch quality care long term.

A validity study shows that the Pre-Hire 360 reference check has helped Encompass Health predict and reduce turnover by as much as 17.1 percent over two years.

Not surprisingly, the biggest proponents for the solution are the hiring managers.

“Their satisfaction is through the roof. Recruiters are sending hiring managers higher quality candidates and taking up less of their time,” said William Poynter, Former Director of Talent Acquisition and current Vice President of Aviation at Encompass Health.

After their strong win with the Pre-Hire 360 reference check process, Encompass Health selected and integrated an ATS with the solution. Now it’s easy for all recruiters and hiring managers to follow the same best-practice hiring processes.

“We do the reference check right after the phone screen and before the in-person interviews. The process flows through our ATS really well, and the reports are instantly available for hiring managers.”

William Poynter

Former Director of Talent Acquisition, Current Vice President of Aviation, Encompass Health

Validity Study

We’ve been measuring SkillSurvey Reference’s impact at Encompass Health. A validity study that looked at their hiring data from 2013 to 2014 shows the solution’s power to predict three critical business outcomes:



Fired for cause decreased by 17.1%



Employees who received high performance appraisals from their managers were the same individuals who received high ratings from references on their Pre-Hire 360 reference check survey



Decreased by 9.7%

The Results

The bottom line: higher ratings on the Pre-Hire 360 reference check, along with a higher percentage of references responding, are statistically predictive of job candidates who, once hired, will have better retention and better performance. SkillSurvey Reference and the Pre-Hire 360 reference check process is also making the reference process more efficient for Encompass Health.


References responding
in less than one day


An impressive 422 work
weeks saved in recruiting


Achieved a reference response
rate of 80%


92% reduction in time spent
on reference checking


Candidate report is ready
in approximately 2 days


On average, 4 or more references
responding per candidate (minimum
of 2 are former managers)

About Encompass Health

As one of the nation’s largest healthcare providers specializing in rehabilitation, Encompass Health’s priority is to deliver high quality patient care. Its team of experts has extensive experience in today’s most advanced therapeutic methods and technologies. Encompass Health leads the way, consistently outperforming peers with a unique, intensive approach to rehabilitation, returning patients to full strength in less than average time. Encompass Health continually strives for excellence in all that it does, partnering with every patient to find a treatment plan that works for them.

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