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Going Digital: A Look at Technology Adoption in Healthcare Credentialing

What was once a predominantly paper-based process for healthcare organizations, physicians, and advanced practitioners is now undergoing a shift toward automation.

When it comes to digital adoption, a recent survey suggests that the world of healthcare credentialing is catching on. And this movement toward digitizing credentialing is having big impacts on many healthcare organizations.

A Look at Digital Adoption in Healthcare Credentialing Essential GridIn this eBook, we take a hard look at the factors driving healthcare organizations to adopt new technology in their credentialing processes and how medical staff professionals are faring during the transition away from paper.

Read this eBook to learn more about:

  • The rate of digital adoption in the field
  • The impact organizations are experiencing after going digital
  • What to look for in new credentialing technology
  • How the role of MSPs will change with the adoption of digital processes

Discover how MSPs and technology vendors are reimagining what is possible, driving organizations to become more innovative in the way they credential their providers.