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Notre Dame Federal Credit Union


Getting powerful reference insights

The Goal

The reputation of Notre Dame Federal Credit Union (NDFCU) hinges on the relationship between employees and its member community. The hiring staff needs to find people with the right soft skills who will represent the company well.

The Challenge

The limited feedback given by references was not enough information to make informed hiring decisions for NDFCU. The credit union wanted more detail, and it wanted to hear from more people who worked with a candidate.

“SkillSurvey Reference and the Pre-Hire 360 reference process offers convenience, efficiency and detailed information, especially in a world where most employment reference feedback has been limited to providing only title, dates of hire and pay rate.”

Ande Kurth

Director of Human Resources, Notre Dame Federal Credit Union

How We Helped

The human resources team at NDFCU has been using SkillSurvey Reference and the Pre-Hire 360 workflow since 2011 to get the data they need to identify the candidates who will best represent the organization. The team evaluates hundreds of candidates each year, and uses more than 40 different job-specific surveys ranging from banking and mortgage positions to sales, IT and executive roles. Pre-Hire 360 even has a survey for the position that has the greatest influence on the daily customer experience: the teller position.
On average, four or more references respond for each candidate, and almost half of those are former managers. And references respond in less than one day, so that hiring managers have a completed reference report in their hands within two days after starting a reference check.

The credit union initiates the reference check in the middle of the hiring process, right after the phone screen. This way, hiring managers have the data before the face-to-face interviews.

The Results

By finding best-fit employees, NDFCU is more successful in meeting key business goals.


Reduced potential turnover costs
by $100,000 year over year


Decreased reference checking
time from 2 weeks to 2 days


On average, 4.6 references
responded per candidate

About Notre Dame Federal Credit Union

NDFCU serves nearly 55,000 members worldwide. With assets in excess of $460 million, NDFCU’s devoted employees and wide array of financial services provide members with a personalized experience at its 11 branch locations, its virtual branch, and through its robust online banking platform and mobile apps.

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