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SkillSurvey Post-Hire™

An automated, all-in-one solution to provide employee engagement and retention insights


The success of your workforce does not end with selection. You need to ensure that the people you hire also STAY with your organization. Yet statistics show that over 40% of new hires don’t make it past the first year.

SkillSurvey Post-Hire

That’s why SkillSurvey developed a new all-in-one Post-Hire solution! With SkillSurvey Post-Hire employers can gain valuable engagement and retention data from employees and their managers at critical stages of the employee lifecycle: from recruiting and onboarding, to the first 30/60/90+ days all the way to the exit interview.

Listen in to this on-demand webinar and be among the first to learn how SkillSurvey Post-Hire can help your organization Identify and better understand areas of risk and opportunity in your people and key processes.

During the 30-minute webinar, we’ll share how you can:

  • Use confidential surveys to get feedback from employees and their supervisors
  • Create a system of continuous improvement to ensure long-term retention and employee success
  • Consolidate recruiting, onboarding, engagement and exit interview data all in one platform
  • Easily access on-demand analytics to see real-time insights, view trend analysis over time and pinpoint challenges or areas of opportunity by division, department, supervisor and more