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Here's what you gain when you check references with SkillSurvey

For the following calculations, we'll assume that you're checking references for the final 2 candidates for every position.


Our customers are hearing from an average of 4.5 references for each job candidate in 1.8 business days. See what a detailed feedback report looks like.

Estimated time your recruiters spent on reference checking today (per year)
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Better Hiring

Our studies have shown that reference response rates and overall ratings on candidate feedback reports are predictive of first year turnover for cause.

How much your new hire turnover could be costing annually
Average number of references per candidate who provide feedback today
Average number of references per candidate who provide feedback if you use SkillSurvey
Potential annual savings from reduced turnover when making data-driven hiring decisions


New Passive Candidate Source

A powerful addition to SkillSurvey ReferenceTM, SkillSurvey SourceTM lets you tap into a new pipeline of high caliber talent though references and referrals.

Potential number of new candidates that could be opting in to your pipeline
Estimated value of this pipeline