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Understanding and Adapting to Today’s Massive Transformation of Work

Create a workplace experience that meets the needs of employees in a changed world

The workplace of 2021 looks vastly different from just a year ago. 2020 brought about many changes, including the move to remote work for many organizations – often for the first time – and the need for frequent organizational pivots as stay-at-home orders went into effect.

SkillSurvey partnered with late last year to better understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the workplace. The research focused on four key areas:

  • The move to remote work and related changes to management practices
  • The level of knowledge organizations have about their employees’ well-being, engagement and attitudes
  • The role of talent management and communication practices
  • The tactics and strategies that lead to the retention and well-being of employees

The research found that while remote work is now the norm, the shift to remote work has created its own set of challenges:

  • 45% of talent leaders agree or strongly agree that internal communications have grown more challenging.
  • 46% report that employee engagement has declined a little or a lot as a result of COVID-19, leading to higher stress levels and reduced teamwork.

Perhaps even more alarming, few organizations say they have the proper metrics and assessment tools to determine what challenges their employees are faced with. Fewer than half gather feedback on key areas including:

  • Job satisfaction and fit
  • The onboarding experience
  • Perceptions of their managers
  • The hiring experience
  • Remote working arrangements
Transofrmation of Work

By not measuring these key metrics your organization could be missing out. Organizations with engaged employees are more likely to out-perform their competitors and have lower turnover – critical metrics that are even more important during these uncertain times.

For a more in-depth look at the impact of the pandemic on the workforce and some strategies to help your organization boost engagement, download the full research report today!