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Drive. People skills. Tenacity. These are all fundamental traits of superstar recruiters. But in this post we take a look at that extra something that every great recruiter needs: the ability to build business value.

Trait #9
Superstar recruiters are self-starters.

“There’s no crying in baseball.” And there’s no hand-holding in the game of recruiting. Superstar recruiters don’t need motivational support to get the job done. They’re more likely to be the motivator—especially when it comes to helping a candidate put her best foot forward. Because they’re self-motivated, superstar recruiters learn fast and stay ahead of the curve. They stay informed, understand the needs of their clients, and work hard to deliver on expectations. Without any drama.

What to look for?
Candidates who are dynamic, independent, and informed.

Trait #10
Superstar recruiters see the big picture.

Growing your business depends on superlative customer service. That means you need recruiters who bring more to the table than fast placements. Superstar recruiters get it. They go deep to understand the business goals of their clients, anticipate their needs, and work every day to deliver real value.

What to look for?
Candidates who are business-oriented, proactive, and trustworthy.

How to find them: Understand the competencies required for recruiting success. Are you looking for a superstar recruiter? Read our whitepaper to find out how SkillSurvey’s solutions can help you identify the qualities that top performing recruiters put into practice every day.

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