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Superstar recruiters are great with people, but they also have a tenacious commitment to personal and professional goals.

Trait #6
Superstar recruiters sweat the details.

Recruiters might not have invented multitasking, but the ones who meet their goals month after month certainly perfected it. With multiple clients and shifting priorities, superstar recruiters have to keep on top of details and perform consistently. They understand that the small stuff matters. Even when things are at their most chaotic, they are efficient and precise.

What to look for?
Candidates who are precise, consistent, and efficient.

Trait #7.
Superstar recruiters follow through.

Superstar recruiters know that it’s not just about finding great candidates, it’s about being ready to close the deal. With competition for talent heating up, follow through is critical. Superstar recruiters set clear expectations for their clients and their candidates. They affirm that a candidate’s goals—professional and personal—align with the offer on the table. They understand when to push and when to pull back. And they always have a plan in place for potential bumps in the road.

What to look for?
Candidates who are confident, tenacious, and prompt.

Trait #8.
Superstar recruiters never stop sourcing.

Superstar recruiters aren’t just great detectives, they’re great strategists. While they’re scouring every resource to find today’s perfect candidate, they’re busy building tomorrow’s pipeline. When passive candidates account for the majority of the workforce, superstar recruiters know they need to make use of every tool in the toolkit to identify and engage top performers.

What to look for?
Candidates who are skilled, disciplined, and strategic.

How to find them: Understand whether or not a candidate has the kinds of behaviors that drive success. Learn more.

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