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There’s a reason so many talent acquisition teams are switching to online referencing.

At least 99 of them.

We’re obsessed with delivering smart technologies that can help organizations like yours hire great talent. So, it was a no-brainer for us to sit down and think of all the reasons your team should embrace online reference checking from SkillSurvey.

Honestly, there are a million reasons to switch. We stopped at 99 because we really had to get back to work. If you do too, never fear. Here are the top 5 reasons our customers turn to SkillSurvey for HR tech that delivers.

1. Because past performance is the best predictor of future success. (Reason #32)

After a week of playing phone tag, you finally reach your first reference. Who confirms the employment dates of your candidate and her salary. And then tells you it’s against company policy to provide any more information. That’s enough to write off reference checking for the rest of eternity.

But hang on, because there’s actually a very good reason to listen to what a candidate’s former managers, peers, and direct reports. They can provide insight into a candidate’s past performance—meaningful feedback that you aren’t going to find in a resume or during a job interview.

With SkillSurvey Reference you can easily learn information about your candidate’s past performance—especially about those soft skills that are so hard to assess and measure, things like work ethic, the ability to listen well, or whether the candidate can build positive relationships. We provide hundreds of job-specific surveys for you to choose from, so you can understand how well a sales person worked with prospects, or how diligently a customer service representative worked to resolve issues. And, because the references can provide feedback confidentially and know the job candidates have provided a waiver and invitation for them to participate, they’re more likely to provide more honest feedback.

The best companies out there are hiring great talent because they know how revealing a well-done reference check can be. A deeper understanding of past performance is #32 on our list, but for a lot of our customers, it’s reason #1.

2. It’s efficient. Because who doesn’t like time back in their day? (Reason #82)

Let’s face it: whether the economy waxes or wanes, the competition for great talent will always be fierce. Why? Because great talent helps organizations achieve their missions—whether that’s hitting the bottom line, curing cancer, or saving the planet. (Hey, it’s no joke. Great talent can change the world!) So the prospect of losing out on a great hire because you’re still waiting to confirm the contact information for your references is just…painful.

So let’s take a look at some statistics. (Have we told you we love statistics?)

With automated reference checking, you can receive detailed feedback from 4 to 5 references in under 2 business days—for 92% faster reference checking. If you’ve been spending weeks, or even months, waiting for a reference to respond, that should be reason enough to try online reference checking.

And for those of you who tend to nod off when anyone starts talking about increased efficiency, grab your coffee! Because better efficiency has a halo effect. Organizations report as much as an 81% increase in productivity—and that productivity translates into faster hires, smoother onboarding, and when combined with the more detailed insights that are delivered a 35% reduction in first-year turnover.

And those successes get noticed. Because helping the organization achieve its goals is how you get a seat at the table, so you can continue to implement the kind of change you know will be critical to the future of work.

And you thought this was just all about saving time…

3. With our job-specific surveys, you don’t need to worry about inappropriate questions. (Reason #78)

You’ve probably made it a point to school your HR team or hiring managers in how to conduct appropriate interviews that don’t run afoul of legal protections extended to a protected class. Questions about when a woman might be planning to have a child, what time off a candidate will need for religious observation, and how many times an Army Reservist deployed in the last year are, of course, all off the table.

Yet many organizations find themselves being litigated for asking inappropriate questions during the hiring process. That’s because any question you ask a candidate must be relevant to the job being filled. And keeping on point isn’t always easy—especially in a rushed reference call where the conversation can take unexpected twists and turns.

If your questions have little or nothing to do with the job under consideration, if they focus on some competencies but not others, or if they fail to comply with EEOC and OFCCP standards, your organization could be at risk.

Online reference checking can take the guesswork out of what questions your teams should be asking references. But beware. Generic survey tools often come up short when it comes to rigorous validation testing and proven results.

That’s why every job-specific survey delivered with SkillSurvey Reference has been crafted and validated by our team of I/O psychologists. We’ve identified key competences related to success for specific jobs and crafted those competencies into questions that will consistently and reliably solicit useful insights.

Your recruiters have a hard enough job to do. When it comes to compliance, why not let us do some of the heavy lifting?

4. Online reference checking can help reduce hidden bias during the hiring process. (Reason #72)

Organizations that are more diverse are more successful. Inclusive workplaces outperform their competitors—by as much as 35%. They are more adaptable to change, and employees work harder and stay longer. Diversity is good. But getting from here to there can be a challenge—even for companies that put inclusion front and center.

One of the biggest hurdles to building a diverse workforce is hidden bias. While most of us believe we’re ethical human beings, over two decades of research has proven that we often judge people according to unconscious stereotypes. But bias can be procedural as well. The way we source candidates, structure online applications, conduct interviews, and check references can all be tainted.

Eliminating hidden bias takes commitment, but a good place to start is with an online reference solution. SkillSurvey Reference can help you assess job-specific skills objectively and fairly. And feedback reports—assessments that combine feedback from a candidate’s references—can include guides to provide your hiring managers with appropriate behavioral interview questions to ensure that all candidates evaluated equally.

Combatting hidden bias is everyone’s responsibility. But it’s a lot easier if you have the right tools to work with.

5. Need to build your talent pipeline? Yep, we can help with that too. (Reason #51)

Time for a quick review. More insightful feedback? Check. Speedier reference checking and reduced turnover? Check. Better compliance? Check. A more diverse workforce? Check.

If you thought SkillSurvey Reference was just a way to automate reference checking, we hope we’re convincing you otherwise. If not, the last of our Top Five Reasons You Should Rethink Reference Checking should do the trick.

Good people know good people.

And one of the best ways to add to your talent pipeline is to reach out to references and ask candidates for referrals. They’re likely to be in the same industry, and in a role that you’ll need to fill soon. With an online reference solution, you typically contact 3-5 references per candidate and automatically ask if they’re interested in potential job opportunities.

Wait, you aren’t considering sourcing when you reach out to references?

One more reason to take a look at SkillSurvey. Customers using SkillSurvey Reference can easily ask references to join their talent pool. And SkillSurvey Source can help you manage set up talent pipelines based on key job criteria and create alerts when a match for talent takes place. The benefits are clear: Increase the number of high-quality candidates. Decrease your time-to-fill. And be fully equipped to tackle any req.

Need more reasons to rethink reference checking? We have 94 more. And if those aren’t enough to convince you, try SkillSurvey Reference for free. Because the best reason for choosing new software is proof that it gets results—and we believe you’ll see them quickly.

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