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As the competition for talent heats up, recruiters across industries are working harder, faster, and smarter to source and place top candidates. It’s a high energy, high risk profession and only the best can deliver superior results month after month.

What makes a good recruiter great?

This week, we take a look at the ways superstar recruiters are driven to succeed.

Trait #1
Superstar recruiters play to win.

It’s not quite a blood sport, but recruiting is not for the faint of heart. It’s a fast-paced, competitive field that takes its toll even on the most seasoned recruiters. The sheer volume of searches can be overwhelming. The demand for quick results can be exhausting. And the constant rejection can be demoralizing. But superstar recruiters are happiest when they’re competing for a crazy difficult goal. It’s what gets their hearts racing and their brains humming. They view every setback as an opportunity to try something new. And winning? It’s a sweet reward for determined, relentless effort.

What to look for?
Candidates who are resourceful, relentless, and determined.

Trait #2
Superstar recruiters enjoy the hunt.

Professional networks. Cold calling. Referrals. Social media. Job boards. Company blogs. And yes, Boolean searches. Low tech, high tech, and everywhere in between, the tools today’s recruiters are using to source candidates are more numerous and complex than ever. Using them to chase down leads, evaluate potential candidates, and match them to the right opportunity takes persistence. And doing it across multiple platforms—from LinkedIn to Twitter—takes energy and focus. Superstar recruiters use whatever means necessary to get results.

What to look for?
Candidates who are focused, energetic, and persistent.

How to find them: Talk to the people who know them best: past managers, peers, and direct reports. Learn more.

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