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Did you ever add up the total amount of time you spend chasing information from peer references? There isn’t a Fitbit-like tracker for it all, but our new online calculator will help you see how all the credentialing steps for each physician and their references add up. You can use the results to make the case that you need relief. That relief is even more critical with today’s hiring volume and the increasing risks that healthcare organizations face when it comes to bringing quality doctors on board.

Almost everyone involved in physician credentialing agrees, peer referencing is the most tedious and time-consuming aspect of the credentialing process. All those five or ten minute phone calls, emails, messages and faxes can add up to much more time than you ever imagined.

Relief comes in the form of digital peer referencing. According to SkillSurvey research of medical staff services professionals, it takes 48% more time to credential a provider with a manual process than it does with an automated process. A recent article in Healthcare IT News discusses how hospitals, which are traditionally behind the curve when it comes to using new technologies, are digitizing time-consuming manual processes to save time and money.

How does digital peer referencing give you your time back?

  • It’s a fully online process which means it’s accessible for everyone from any device and no one ever has to download or print anything. All information gets entered as you go (or as the applicant and peer references respond to their parts).
  • Online forms are smart. They can catch things while applicants fill them out or point out when a field or signature is missing. It eliminates those hours spent cross-checking or resending forms, and trying to decipher that handwriting for which physicians are so famous.
  • Peer references can complete, sign and reply to requests online, on any device at any time … which means they come back in just days!
  • For those few who don’t respond right away, you can set the software to follow-up with automated email reminders.
  • You get real-time access to all response data which means you know when you can see any red flags right away, complete your review, share with colleagues, and be better prepared for committee review.

In addition to getting some of your time back, you’ll begin to realize you can do your job in a much more strategic way and have more time to conduct the critical investigations that ensure your organization is hiring the best individuals. Check out our new Peer Referencing Time Savings Tool.

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